Sunday, 28 August 2011

What a tool ..................bag!

Didn't get too much done this weekend, however, I managed to get all of the metalwork prepared for welding and pressure testing of the gas tank. Once done, prep and painting can begin.

Mounting of the ignition switch was also performed, with just enough clearance available between it and the tool bag that had arrived during the week.

Unfortunately I wasn't quite delivered what I'd ordered, with the tool bag having much more of a red/brown finish, rather than the tan coloured version that was expected. With the supplier Royal Spares being all the way in India, I just couldn't be bothered trying to fight it, and decided it might not be too bad after all. It kind of matches the copper milk urn and outside edges of the seat.

As you can see, it was an opportunity to mock up the gas tank, hard tail, milk urn, tool bag and seat. The seat is definitely well too far forward, and will likely be another 70mm further back. This will get determined when I'm mocking up the rear fender position.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Talk about service!

To my disbelief, an order of new shiny, or in this case black coloured bits arrived from one of the parts suppliers, Webike, that I had discovered.

Amazingly all of my parts arrived in a record time of only 4 days from Japan to Oz! As much as I'd like to support the local guys, you can't beat 30-40% cheaper pricing and free shipping!

Ofcourse I had to do my usual ritual of a test fit the moment I walked in the door last night.

In the shots below you can see the 5 3/4 Bates replica headlight, headlight bracket, blinkers and 49mm Bates style taillight that I'd ordered from Webike.

I also did a test fit of the XS650 specific blinker stays from Motolanna and a headlight grill from a local ebay parts supplier.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Beyond the point of no return!

I took the plunge and finally committed to the hardtail today by chopping my chassis up.

The TC Bros instructions were very straight forward and are a good guideline as to what prep is required prior to final welding.

For all of you seasoned bike builders out there, you will notice that I don't have a motor mount brace to keep the down tube and chassis rails true. I was fortunate to acquaint myself with a very helpful member of the XS650 Club of Australia who is providing me with valuable advice and a helping hand. Thankfully he has an amazing jig that will help square the chassis prior to welding.

Of course, as any excited bike builder has done, I had to do a test fit the first chance I could.