Saturday, 20 July 2013

Engine Autopsy

Riding the CB250N "Cherry Bomb" has been a hoot, with a total of 9000kms being ridden over the last 6 months, rain, hail or shine. It is however, time to finally step up to more power, with my finally getting the hunger to start working on "Thor's Hammer" again.

I'm lucky enough to have some amazing support from the Sydney Cafe Racer crew, with a brains trust joining me on my engine autopsy. The guys included Darren Mllichamp, Nicky Steps, Bill Wallis, Grant Kaplan, Jordan Rodgers, Jordan Kightly, Nicolette Skobier and my brother Michael.

Thus the engine autopsy party was devised, with everybody lending a hand to tear the engine apart and diagnose what parts were required to perform a quality rebuild.

Thankfully it was in pretty good shape, except for the 5th pinion gear that had some tooth decay.

In case you hadn't noticed, I've discovered Instagram since my last post!