Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"Cherry Bomb"

I'd been somewhat sidetracked by a second project!

I'd recently obtained my rider's licence in December 2012, with my feeling the need to ride asap.

The decision was made to get my hands on a cheap and cheerful runabout that I could gain experience upon, and then pass onto my girlfriend who also recently gained her licence.

I picked up a pig ugly Honda CB250N at the right price site unseen over 300klms away from me. So after one hours experience of riding a motorcycle I packed my bags, flew down to Batemans Bay and rode her back to Sydney!

For a complete run down of the  build log check it out here.

Here's some pics of the ugly turd from the sales ad.

Now, me, being me I had to tart it up quick smart. The beauty of the bike is that it is registered till August 2013, so I could simply tidy it up and ride without any dramas.

The challenge was set to build it asap, so after 21.5 days I present to you the "Cherry Bomb"!

I couldn't have done it in such a short time frame if it wasn't for the significant help of my grirlfriend (and future owner of the bike) Nicci, and my brother Michael whho helped my with direction, welding and painting in his workshop.


Here's a handful of pics of Nicci posing with the bike in it's current guise.

And finally here's some footage of it the morning I completed it getting a dyno tune. Final results were 20.76 hp at the rear wheel.

Now time to blast around town and get back into completing Thor's Hammer.