Sunday, 11 September 2011

Getting a handle on things

Yesterday was a big step to getting the bobber well and truly under control. The chassis was delivered to get welded together.

I'm also getting key parts of the bike sandblasted over the next couple of weeks in preparation for some powder coating.

I started to assemble the handle bar and switch gear throught the week.The parts include a TC Bros Drag Bar, Mikes XS right side switch, throttle and master cylinder, Posh grips purchased Deus Ex Machina and left switch from Motorcycle Recyclers.

Part of today's research was locating a suitable supplier for a single piece braided brake hose to run to the older style caliper. This is a Mikes XS complete early caliper that they sell, with a 10m x 1.0 banjo bolt which happens to suit the same thread and pitch that originally utilised a hard line fitting arrangement.