Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Brake light switch solution

One of the details that had been bugging me for a few days, was the clean and effective solution to mounting the Lowbrow Customs brake light switch upon the chassis.

It was important that it integrated well with the bike whilst offering the flexibility of fine tuning it to work perfectly every time I used the rear brake pedal.

The solution was simple and staring me in the face the whole time. I attached a hose clamp to the tubular cross member, then thread a cable tie through the switch mount hole and clamp. I used a heavier duty spring to mount it to the rear bolt hole upon the brake pivot that I knocked up. I plan on welding on a hex nut on the back as well.

I now have the ability to simply loosen the clamp a small amount to allow it to rotate. The rotation of the clamp allows it to loosen or tighten the switch assembly, which in turn affects the sensitivity of the micro switch.

After testing it with the multimeter, I now have a switch that activates at the slightest tap of the brake pedal, whilst being mostly unseen and clean in appearance.

The other great benefit of having it in this location is the need to weld on permanent tabs has been eliminated. I also have the ability to hide the wiring neatly too!


  1. digging this so far, stephen. some nice touches already. the copper milk canister is unique.

  2. Thanks Trent!

    Your feedback is certainly appreciated!

    Have a great weekend mate!