Friday, 28 February 2014

Up in smoke!

Unfortunately making it to the rego inspection just did not happen.

As much as I'd thought the bike was ready, it was full of surprises.

The most frightening of issues occurred when the chain tensioner flipped over and rubbed against my master power switch, shorting out the battery all locked up nicely in the milk jug and smoked itself up!

Luckily I managed to disconnect it before the bike went up in flames.

I thought out a quick and easy fix to ensure that my bolt on chain tensioner never flips over again.

It's simply restricted by a chain that's bolted to the main arm of the tensioner and exhaust bracket.

It ain't elegant, but it is effective. I can easily remove it for shows if I can be bothered. I might even just get the eye bolt, chain and link copper coated to match the brake rod and stay.

I also tightened the drive chain further as well as lifted the guard to gain tyre clearance.

Hopefully no more hitting of the main power switch (I've made it smaller) and subsequent battery fires will occur moving forward.

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