Saturday, 7 January 2012

Regs and rules, rules and regs

Living in this fine state of NSW throws up many a drama when it comes to building a project such as this. As much as I wanted to side mount the taillight and licence plate, it would be asking for a whole lot of trouble from the local constabulary.

One of the painful rules and regulations includes having to mount the taillight dead centre of the rear fender. Unfortunately it does ruin the lines of the ass end, however, I'm making the best of a crap situation.

I went with the "Black Beauty" taillight because it has a Bates style appearance similar to the main headlight. It's also a cool design that is adjustable.

I now intended to keep the blinkers in the general vicinity of the rear lamp so that I could minimise the running of wiring all over the place, and to also help keep following drivers focused upon a single region of the bike.

To do this I simply welded on a steel tube with suitable threads to allow the blinkers to screw in neatly, hiding the wiring in the process.

The wiring will be fed within the fender's rib keeping a good clean appearance.

One of the things that bugged me was the way I rushed mounting the fender stay last week, so today I remounted it so it is more perpendicular to the ground. I'll have to fill in the left over holes as a result.

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  1. Worldwide local constabularies comprehend nothing to shape and esthetic. They really suck lol !!!