Sunday, 17 July 2011

She has a name!

Well, it seems that the urge to name and tattoo my baby was just too strong.

I've decided to name my bobber "Thor's Hammer" (English) or "Mjolnir" (Norse).

The origin of this name comes from my Danish heritage, with my dad being a Dane, and my actually being born in Nyborg - Denmark before coming to Oz at the age of one.

It was this bloodline that also led to my first tattoo of Thor's Hammer (see pic below). Tattoo was designed by my mate Luke at Pictishink Tattooz.

I knocked up a rough idea of how my paint scheme will look on the tank, along with how I plan on having the name written. After meeting Gary Howell, my pin striper, it was determined that we'll gold leaf the stripe and writing on the tank.

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