Sunday, 24 July 2011

Time for an adjustment

One of the minor hurdles I faced was what to do with my chain adjusters to suit the TC Bros hard tail. Being a universal hard tail, the plates where the adjusters attach are 10mm thick rather than the 15mm that my 75 chassis has. This meant that the chain adjuster bolts no longer line up with the centre of the plates when using the original adjusters.

My solution was a simple one, I'd found Honda 3/4" chain adjusters that happened to suit the10mm axle plate. Perfect!

All I need now is some spacers to that will sit outside of the adjusters.

I thought I may have had a solution right in front of my face in chopping up and utilising washers from the original adjusters for a trial fit. It seems that they're just not wide enough, however, it was worth the shot.

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  1. G'day Stephen, nice site with plenty of in detail information, well done. Do you have the part number for these Honda chain adjusters? I'm in the process of building as well and have a TC Bros hardtail.